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If you are a Clitheroe-based business then IT security should be your top priority. Whether you are a new start-up, a small independent shop or a larger organisation in the town, effective cyber-security is essential. The figures around the sector back this up - 37% of UK businesses, for example, have suffered a security breach online once a month, according to Government statistics. When you add in that most businesses can be attacked online by thousands of incoming viruses every day, it is obvious how important this is to your business in Clitheroe.

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So, what can you do to protect your business online and fight off any malicious attacks? By far the best way is to invest in your cyber-security arrangements. With new GDPR laws meaning effective online security measures are needed to stop sensitive data leaks, you simply cannot afford to leave it to chance anymore.

Although there are always new threats being developed, the most common cyber-attacks on business to guard against are shown below:


This is a big problem for many UK businesses and is one that you may already have heard of. In simple terms, hackers get access to your computer network to install ransomware and lock up essential or sensitive files. The only way to get them back is to pay the ransom they set!


This is a virus or piece of software that hackers place onto your servers and network when breached. Malware is designed solely to cause harm to your entire network and as much damage as possible!

Phishing Attacks

another common cyber-security threat currently is phishing. This sees hackers target members of staff to 'fish' for sensitive information like passwords from them. Once they have this, they can then access your systems to cause mischief. Although there are other forms of IT threats to business, the above are the major ones to be on the alert for.

37% of uk businesses have suffered a security breach online once a month!
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Stay safe with effective online security

The only way to stay safe for all Clitheroe businesses is to make sure that your online security protocols are robust and you have the necessary technology in place to help. From the best firewalls to protect servers to the latest anti-virus software on individual machines and efficient spam filters, you need to do all you can to head off any attacks.

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If you do not want to take the chance of losing everything to a malicious online attack, call us today on 01254 877009. Our team of cyber-security experts can arrange a thorough audit of your current IT security set-up to see where it may be vulnerable. When done, we can then supply and install the best specialist cyber-security tools around to keep your business safer.

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Poorly managed IT can hinder your business and prevent it from reaching it’s true potential.

Our IT service covers consultancy, infrastucture, design, installation, on-going support and more.

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