IT Security Help Blackburn

In this interconnected digital age, computers and other electronic devices are often of pivotal importance to your business, school and your personal life. Unfortunately, whilst this sophisticated technology has undoubtedly improved our society, the increased amount of valuable personal data we entrust to websites, our own PCs, and smartphones has made them desirable targets for cyber-criminals.

As with all determined thieves, they are constantly evolving and finding new methods to get around existing security measures - in fact, the rate of small businesses in the UK that reported a security breach is a staggering 74%.

At Use It, we can help you - whatever your needs - to stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals and to stay protected with our range of security services. Here is a breakdown of the safety measures we can implement on your PC or network.

Firewall protection

WatchGuard next-gen firewall protection with their Intrusion Protection Service protects your entire network from attacks and allow you to manage and monitor system traffic and give you advanced real-time protection.

IT Security

Anti-virus software and management

Anti-virus software is a commonly available type of software that you most likely have installed on your personal devices. However, we can offer you F-Secure business security which is a far more sophisticated software package that gives you advanced security for your computers, servers and mobile devices. As well as this, the system features patch management and virtual security meaning your log-in details and passwords will be fully encrypted and protected.

Ransom-ware and malware protection

Malware refers to any harmful software that can install itself on your computer if unprotected, and then read and copy your personal data such as passwords, financial information and user data. Ransomware is a particular form of malware that disables a computer or network and allows the cyber-criminal to hold your devices hostages until you pay for them to be released. We can offer you sophisticated protection from these threats in the form of the Firebox T10, T30 and T50 to ramp up the defence levels of your system and prevent targeted attacks.

If you need a security solution for your business or home network, Use It can help you strengthen your defences to weather any attack.