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IT security is one of the most important things any Lancashire business should consider. As we grow more technology-dependent, the security of your business' IT systems becomes a more pressing concern. Lancashire businesses that neglect to invest in up-to-date IT security run the risk of falling afoul of serious consequences.

What exactly is IT security?

There's no simple answer - the reason for this is that all businesses use IT in different ways. Broadly speaking, you can take IT security to mean your integrated IT systems and your electronic communications are as resistant to hacking as possible. IT security isn't just being prepared for hackers trying to gain access, however, it also means having the infrastructure necessary to mitigate the risk of human error.

Poor IT security will mean your business is at risk of grinding to a halt in the event of a cyber-attack, virus, or data breath. This is why it's not just important for Lancashire businesses of all sizes - it's a necessity.

What are the risks business face?

This is a big problem for many UK businesses and is one that you may already have heard of. In simple terms, hackers get access to your computer network to install ransomware and lock up essential or sensitive files. The only way to get them back is to pay the ransom they set!

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Common threats include:

Viruses - this can include malware, ransomware, trojans, and data-scouring programs designed to access all of your electronically stored confidential information.

DDOS - a Distributed Denial of Service attack deliberately overloads your website's servers with data, causing the website to go down and rendering it inaccessible.

Data breaches - a data breach can either be malicious, or it can be the result of human error. Either way, it means that sensitive information is leaked from your business.

Why should you invest in IT security?

Outsourcing IT security makes sense for Lancashire businesses for a wide variety of reasons - firstly, consider the time you save. It takes time to establish and maintain a secure IT network. That's time you could be using to grow and manage your business.

Then consider cost. If you're not experienced yourself, you'll need to hire a dedicated member of staff to manage your IT security for you. You'll also be liable for keeping that member of staff trained, to ensure they're up to date with the latest security threats.

Lancashire businesses save time, money, and effort when they enlist the help of specialist IT support. Contact Use IT today.

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Poorly managed IT can hinder your business and prevent it from reaching it’s true potential.

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