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Technology has streamlined and improved our businesses, connected us to world markets and enabled us to work remotely from any location. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring with it major headaches – especially security and compliance issues!

What is the nature of the IT Security Help Burnley businesses need?  And how can Use It Computers meet this urgent demand?

Internal Control and Compliance

Internal Control and Compliance

One of the main IT security concerns for Burnley organisations is their own internal management systems. There’s a lot of pressure on companies of all sizes to keep data secure and private.

This is not just about the danger of hefty fines from the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) either. Burnley companies have an ethical and commercial duty to protect the personal information they hold. Breaking your customers’ trust could be extremely costly.

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Business Servers & Maintenance

Use IT Computers have over 35 years experience in server supply, installation and maintenance.

  • High server security
  • Increase reliability, productivity and uptime
  • One central place to store business information
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Network Security For Business Users

Your systems can face attack at any moment, luckily our expertise can help keep your business protected.

  • Protect your system from viruses, spyware and more
  • Comply with relevant regulations
  • Enable employees to safely access shared files and tools wherever they are
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Business Data Backup & Recovery

We can advise you on the best data backup systems for your business.

  • Support if and when you need it
  • Remote and onsite support available
  • No contractual obligation
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The IT Security Help Burnley firms need to combat cybercrime

Not all threats to your business come from gaps or inadequacies in your own IT management systems.

Some Burnley organisations are unwittingly leaving themselves wide open to ever more sophisticated cyber criminals.

Hackers, malware developers and fraudsters are constantly trying new ways to extract data or cash, or simply to prevent organisations from carrying out their day to day business. A virus can bring your Burney company to its knees if you don’t have the right level of IT security help available.

IT Security Help Burnley
Prevention and Protection

Prevention and Protection

How many phishing emails does your Burnley organisation receive? Have you got robust and foolproof systems for dealing with them? Are all your devices and staff fully updated on this insidious criminal practice?

Then of course there is the ever-present threat of employees, suppliers or competitors misappropriating sensitive data. Another reason that no company can afford to overlook IT Security Help in Burnley or anywhere else in Lancashire!

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We understand that no two businesses are the same which is why we offer two support packages

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IT Security Support
 As You Grow

Ambitious Burnley organisations don’t just want to know that their IT is secure today. They also want systems in place to foil cyber criminals and stop data mismanagement in the future.

That’s why they need Burnley IT security support that is flexible and versatile.

We can help upgrade and improve your existing IT, or help you migrate new Cloud or software systems in a streamlined and secure way.

IT Security Support
Friendly and Experienced Staff

Friendly and Experienced Staff Are Here To Help

All staff are friendly and helpful, experienced and qualified, and we will always explain things in a jargon-free way.
Plus, our rates are competitive - and all work is guaranteed.

We'll soon have you up and running again. Don't let IT downtime hit your business finances - the Use IT Computers team are here to offer help and support when you need it.

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High Quality IT Security Support From Your Local IT Experts

Experts in all aspects of IT security support in Burnley, we provide solutions for schools and home users in and around the Ribble Valley area. If you’d like to improve security, boost productivity and focus on the things that really matter call our experienced IT engineers today for assistance on 01254 877009.

IT Security Support

Are you willing to risk inadequate IT Security Help, Burnley businesses? If not, contact Use It Computers for expert advice… before it’s too late.