Data Backup & Recovery

Protect your business from mass data loss with simple and secure business data backup

Why should you backup?

Less than 10% of people backup their data every day. But, every day there's a very real chance that your data could disappear. Backing up your company's data is essential to any business. Would your business be able to survive if all of it wasn't there tomorrow, either through corruption, fire, theft or damage? We offer simple, cost effective solutions, so even if the worst happens, your data will be fully restored.

Data backup
Business continuity & recovery

Business continuity & recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery plans increase the chances of restarting normal business operations with minimal disruption following a disaster. We can help you identify critical software applications, data and the hardware required to run them. We can also ensure that copies of program software are available to enable re-installation on replacement equipment.

Here at Use It Computers we can help you develop a data back up and business continuity plan to protect your business if the worst was to happen.

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Poorly managed IT can hinder your business and prevent it from reaching it’s true potential.

Our IT service covers consultancy, infrastucture, design, installation, on-going support and more.

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