Ransomware and Malware Prevention

Viruses are bad for business – make sure you’re protected from them. Viruses are a type of malicious software – or malware – that are specifically designed to attack your devices to manipulate and cause damage to them.

Common malware types include spyware, worms, adware and Trojan horses, but perhaps the biggest threat to your business is ransomware.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware encrypts your data and asks for money to unlock it. There’s also the threat of data then being published or deleted if the payment isn’t made. Millions of malware infections are looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. 40% of businesses have experienced 6 or more attacks in the last year.

Ransomware and malware
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Malware and ransomware is on the rise

Attacks happen at an alarming rate with new malware and ransomware variants developing almost every day. Ransomware infections in the UK have become more and more frequent. Even the NHS suffered from a ransomware cyber attack recently, which blocked access to patient data.

How can you stay safe?

Back up regularly

Minimise the impact of malware and ransomware and have a good backup policy in place.

Keep your systems up to date

Hackers are constantly looking for security gaps so always download security updates as soon as they’re available – no matter what operating system you use.

Think twice before you click a link

Pause and think before clicking on links or downloading attachments in emails, as ransomware is often downloaded through phishing emails.

Have a good disaster recovery plan

Don’t let malware and ransomware cripple your business! Dodge ransomware payments and get back to business with a good disaster recovery plan.

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