Five things to know about Windows 10

Published on October 2, 2014

Use IT Computers - Five things to know about Windows 10

Microsoft have recently announced the launch of the new Windows 10. The operating system is due next year, and will run on all devices. 

Use IT Computers - Windows 10 Multiple DesktopsWe’ve compiled some of the key things you need to know about Microsoft’s latest update:

1. What devices will it run on?
The new Windows 10 operating system will run on all devices. Microsoft recently demo’d the desktop version but we’ve been assured Windows 10 will be available for smartphones and tablets too.

Use IT Computers - Windows 10 Pin Your Items2. What does it look like?
If you’ve currently got Windows 8 you’d know that when you launch one of the apps, it would fill the whole screen – which can be a little clunky. In Windows 10 you’ll be able to resize the apps and drag them around the screen, which is much more usable than how Windows 8 currently workds.

3. Will it still be touch activated?
It certainly will – Microsoft haven’t given up on the touch activation yet!

4. Do we have a release date yet?
There isn’t any firm dates, however, word on the street is that it will launch around the middle of next year.

Use IT Computers - Windows 10 Task View Button5. Anything good for business users?
The recent launch event was primarily focused on business users. Microsoft promises that Windows 10 will be more intuitive than Windows 8 as well as being compatible with all traditional management systems in use today.

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