Shortage of Skills in Cyber Security leaving UK Businesses Vulnerable

Published on February 17, 2017

headerWe love working in the IT security industry. After all, protecting businesses, schools and other users from malicious activity is immensely satisfying. However, it would appear that likeminded computer experts are growing thinner on the ground!

Job site, Indeed, has discovered a skills gap in the UK that is one of the worst in the world. Not only does this leave the sector short of skilled employees, but leaves UK businesses incredibly vulnerable to cyber attacks.

schools data graphicHigh demand, low interest

Research suggests that employer demand for IT security experts exceeds interest in such roles by more than three times!

While this isn’t encouraging, Indeed’s findings reveal one very important thing: the rise in job postings for cyber security staff shows that UK businesses are prioritising this crucial security measure.

businesses back up data graphicEthical hackers

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘hacker’? We’re guessing something negative, but it would appear there is a growing trend for so-called ‘ethical hackers’.

These are people with a sophisticated skillset that would allow them to hack into a businesses system.
But instead of using their powers for evil, employers are recruiting them for good.

“Beyond the headlines, cyber crime is a threat to organisations of all sizes,” says Indeed’s European economist, Mariano Mamertino.

“As cyber attacks increase in scale and sophistication, British employers are racing to recruit staff with the skills and experience needed to protect their vital data.”

home backup data graphicWake-up call

With the problem of cyber crime reaching a crisis point, it’s time for the UK’s tech sector to pull together and arm more people with IT security skills, and attract them to vacant roles. Otherwise – we hate to say it – UK businesses could be put at real risk.

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