Windows 10 – 6 Advantages For Business Users

Published on February 4, 2015

Windows 10 - 6 advantages for business users - Use IT Computers
Designed with business users in mind Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system and it looks set to boast numerous benefits for business users…

Easy to use - Use IT Computers1. Easy To Use

Reducing complexity and providing an all round better experience for all businesses Windows 10 utilises a simplified management and deployment system to help lower costs. There’s more choice for businesses to personalise their system to suit the way they work.

Improved search facility - Use IT Computers2. Improved Search Facility

An improved search bar has been implemented which makes looking for those all important documents and files ten times easier. Simply activate the search dialog by clicking the magnifying glass on the taskbar and away you go.

Advanced security features - Use IT Computers3. Advanced Security Features

In today’s day and age your computer and business could be vulnerable to attack at any time, but Windows 10 introduces a number of advancements in security and identity protection features that are easy to manage.

In business we rely more and more on mobile devices as employees need to access important data and apps from different locations and at different times to stay productive. As a result Windows 10 has made huge improvements in helping businesses protect their confidential data, utilizing the most sophisticated technology. Whether data is moved from PC to a tablet, USB drive, email or the cloud the use of containers and data separation at the application and file level adds an additional layer of security, therefore you can have peace of mind knowing all your business data is protected wherever it goes.

Keep up to date - Use IT Computers4. Keep Up To Date

Going forward businesses rely on regular updates to ensure all their files are secure. Windows 10 lets businesses choose the speed of innovation that best suits their requirements and adjust it accordingly. Businesses can opt in to regular updates or lockdown their systems so that only vital security updates are installed automatically.

Virtual Desktop - Use IT Computers5. Virtual Desktops

Task View is a handy multitasking feature on Windows 10 that will simplify your daily work. Personalise and manage numerous desktops with apps and programmes to simplify and declutter your workspace. Switching from desktop to desktop is simple and hassle free!

Easy to use Apps - Use IT Computers6. Easy To Use Apps

Windows 10 makes multitasking much easier following the introduction of Modern apps. Improving user experience Modern apps work just like normal programmes with interfaces now scaling as you adjust the size of the window, allowing your employees to get on with their work with little fuss.

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