IT Security in Blackburn

Unfortunately, cyber crime is on the rise. It doesn’t look as though things are going to get better anytime soon either, so it’s important that you have tools in place to protect your business online. At Use It Computers, we provide a number of IT security tools in Blackburn to protect your business data and systems from cyber attacks.

Get serious about cybercrime

Cyber criminals are getting smarter and so should you. Ransomware is the tool of choice for many cybercriminals – it’s a type of malicious software (malware) that blocks or limits access to files on your PC unless a ransom is paid.

Protect your business with WatchGuard security solutions. The Firebox® T10, T30 and T50 security appliances all bring enterprise-level security to small office environments. Read more about our malware and ransomware prevention here.

Put a stop to spam emails

There’s nothing quite as annoying as spam emails. However, some spam emails are not just irritating, they’re dangerous. Cybercriminals can embed malware into spam emails that can do some serious damage to your computer if they’re opened.

Office 365 has a spam filter that blocks spam emails and prevents email-borne threats such as phishing emails.

Next-generation firewalls

The WatchGuard next-generation firewall puts you in complete control and allows you to block any network or application attacks. It will keep your business network flowing and your environment safe.

Protect your business

If you’re in need of IT security in Blackburn then we can help. Our managed antivirus software helps to keep both known and emerging malware off computers and servers. F-Secure anti-virus software is easy to use, updates automatically and has minimal impact on system performance.

We provide IT security in Blackburn and all surrounding areas. Speak to our IT experts on 01254 877009.